Turning Point is a Tampa Bay area band that formed October 21st, 2020 during the the height of the COVID lock downs which brought all live music to a complete halt. Taking advantage of this time to form a new project and prepare for the re-emergence of the live music scene, four seasoned musicians all with previous professional experience with both bands and solo acts came together to create Turning Point - 

  • Robbie Berry provides the bands strong lead vocals adding in some acoustic guitar from time to time as well as blowing a wicked blues harp.

  • Mike Weiler keeps the low end thumping in your chest with his punchy runs and riffs on the bass guitar while lending some vocals to back up Robbie.

  • Tim Schaffert on percussion keeps everyone in sync, making sure the sound stays tight whether its at break-neck speed or a bit more sedated - all while never missing a beat.

  • Bob Votta playing 6 and 12 string guitars, dobro and mandolin while also adding some backup vocals.  

These four musicians come together sharing a love for music, performing and each other, which is apparent each and every time they play.

Check out the TOUR page for updates on where Turning Point will be playing next, and don't forget to keep an eye on the MUSIC/VIDEO page and YouTube Channel


Hope to see you soon!